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“We’ve got to get out of this place, it’s killing us!!!” I said to my partner one day. It wasn’t an overnight revelation. Life had been slowly draining from us and it had been happening unnoticed over months and years.

When I lived in London I wish I’d had a safe space to explore who I really was inside. I didn’t come to a major crisis point before we left London, in some ways that might have made it easier to realise things weren’t right with how life was back then.

Hindsight is frustrating and enlightening in equal measures. My hope is that you can learn through the lessons I’ve experienced. Through having my own coaching over the past few years I’ve uncovered lots of demons I lived with (I’d go as far as saying I endured a less than joyful life). Coaching has helped me to bring about changes so my life is now what I want it to be, rather than living a lie.

Now that the London life is behind me, I can see that being able to express how frustrated I was with life could have enabled me to make a positive change so much sooner. To be honest, when I was in London I was oblivious to how unhappy I was. Days were simply chunks of time passing by, as if on a treadmill. Being numb is no way to live.

I now help people like my old self to realise what is going to make them happy.

    As a coach I use my superpower of listening to give you the space you deserve.

    My calm patient approach gives you space to think. You have ample time in coaching to do deep thinking and to reflect on powerful thought-provoking questions. This is where the magic of coaching happens – because you are unrushed you are given the permission to think for yourself which is often lacking in relationships in daily life.

    Holding space, so you can work through your challenges, is where I’m in my element. You might be at a career crossroads or be thinking of swapping employed life for self-employment (I know this journey first hand – it’s rewards and rollercoaster ups and downs). You might not even feel like you’re completely unhappy but know deep down something isn’t quite right. Things could be better.

    Somehow, you’re stuck and need help moving beyond the confusion and indecision. Taking time to explore your inner self and mindset can have a massive impact in a short space of time. Coaching gives you space to speak freely, and without fear of judgement. You don’t need to moderate or edit what you say or think. There are no right or wrong things to say in a coaching session. Whatever you bring, you are heard.

    I genuinely wish I’d have known about the benefits of coaching years ago. Knowing that I’d be heard, that no one’s opinion but mine mattered. It would have enabled me to fast forward to a life I love living, instead of trudging through what was expected of me, or what jobs I fell into.

    When you find a coach you can trust you relax into the relationship and there’s ease. You trust the process, you trust that you can be open and honest and thus get the best results or progress towards what you are dreaming of achieving.

    Life coaching conversations can help you adopt better habits and thought patterns. You have the space and time to explore what keeps you stuck, unfulfilled and not living aligned to your values. If this sounds like something you’d like to look into take a look at the Services I offer or get in touch to arrange an initial free and informal chat.

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