My Menopause Journey

When did I first notice things ‘weren’t right’ This is impossible to pin down precisely, and exactly why perimenopause is such a challenge. A switch didn’t flip overnight like breaking a bone in an accident and suddenly I knew “I’m in perimenopause”. There wasn’t a clear idea that I’d lost my sense of ‘self’. I didn’t wake one day and say, oh, now I’m perimenopausal and the roll call of symptoms presented in an orderly and neat manner. Perimenopause is messy. It is overwhelming and confusing. You might at some point realise you’ve lost your mojo, or you might not….

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Outdoor Coaching

Lynne Taylor Life Coaching Mindset Coaching

Benefits of Outdoor Coaching Outdoor life coaching has several benefits, such as: I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees. Henry David Thoreau Henry David Thoreau Coaching outdoors is a wonderful way to work through your thoughts and challenges. The vast space you can feel by looking out across a valley or as you pause to admire how far you’ve come help to unlock negative thoughts and see solutions clearly. Our understanding can be broadened and deepened by immersing our selves in the natural world. Being indoors or having space held for you online…

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