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Coaching Case Study – Sarah’s testimonial

“I wanted to have confidence in myself that I can speak and that it is ok to lose my train of thought when it happens and how to manage that without feeling stupid.”

Sarah came to me seeking guidance in achieving her career goals while being in the midst of menopause. When Sarah first approached me, she was feeling stuck and uncertain about her role and how she was interacting in meetings. Through our coaching partnership, she gained valuable insights and developed her confidence to grow further. Read the full account of Sarah’s journey in her own words in this featured post.

Coaching Case Study – Jo’s Transformative Journey

This case study showcases Jo’s remarkable journey to finding her untapped potential. Reflecting after our sessions proved invaluable to her, highlighting the benefits of coaching.

“The biggest impact I have felt from investing in the coaching is the programme has brought out the best in me, given me perspective, freed me from my self doubt so that I can carve out my own path, in my own time.

It was a privilege to work with Jo and see the transformation she has brought about in her life. You can read her full length case study in this featured post.

“If you are considering coaching with the fantastic Lynne, do not hesitate, GO FOR IT! I am an ex highflyer and workaholic who crashed into motherhood and the pandemic and who has been struggling to find the path I want to take next.

I am three sessions into working with the amazing Lynne. What I love about her style, is the way she is able to tune in to me as an individual. My brain feels like the tangled wires behind the old PC tower, speaker and printer setups. Somehow, Lynne effortlessly manages to untangle them.

She is brilliant at what she does.

I went into this process looking for the answers to some specific questions. However, what I’m actually getting is the answers plus a whole lot more. I am picking up new strategies, new approaches and new positive ways of thinking.

It is already changing the way I interact, what I prioritise, how I make decisions and how I organise my time. I was a bit lost and wondering, Lynne is helping me find my way again. It’s powerful stuff. It’s giving me confidence and I feel empowered to explore different paths at a pace that’s right for me and my family.

I had to think very hard as to whether I could afford coaching but it is worth every single penny and pound! I am gaining tools for life, a spring in my step and the confidence to be me and make the most of me!”

Jo Chambers-Shirley, Mother and Special Educational Needs & Disability Specialist

“The biggest impact I have felt from investing in the coaching is the programme has brought out the best in me, given me perspective, freed me from my self doubt so that I can carve out my own path, in my own time.” Coaching client

“The workshop with Lynne was a breath of fresh air. It was a very well-paced and fun session that empowered each participant to come up with their own answers. It was quite eye-opening how easy I found it to express myself in a very tangible way with this process, without any of the pressure I can sometimes feel when asked to do other creative exercises on command. I came away from the session with a really helpful new perspective of how to shift things in a more positive direction.” Milo, Creative Coaching Workshop

“Thanks to Lynne, I had a truly enlightening experience. Her program offered me an amazing way to untangle my muddled thoughts using my hands, resulting in a level of clarity I hadn’t thought possible. I greatly appreciated the open and non-judgmental space she created, along with her gentle guidance.

I highly recommend this type of coaching to anyone, whether you consider yourself creative or not. It’s a transformative journey that’s worth every moment.” Georgie St Clair, Creative Coaching Workshop

“Lynne gets FIVE STARS from me. I had no idea of my own untapped potential. What am amazing thing to be able to help people find themselves and change their lives.” Coaching client

“I would absolutely recommend Lynne as a coach to others. I felt energised, empowered and motivated following the coaching with Lynne. Lynne demonstrates absolute care in her coaching, she exhibits trust and is a careful guide.” Sam Aston, Life Coaching Client

“Before I started coaching my life was stressful and a lot of the time life was monotonous. I was living in black and white.” Coaching client

“Lynne, I got so much out of this molding session with you. As someone who doesn’t have a visual imagination I felt like I could bring visuals to feelings in a way I can’t through meditation or guided visualization. It wasn’t about finding the right words or pen mark. It seemed to come together only at the point of contact with the clay. The tactile nature of the polymer clay I found to be a calming conduit as I considered your questions.

Doing this in a group environment was a beautiful way to connect with others as well. Everyone was unique in their approach which was really insightful in its own right. You were such a kind guide. I would highly recommend this experience with you.” Amanda, Creative Coaching Workshop

“So the opposite of journaling, no stress, I love the fact you can’t be a perfectionist with this process” Creative Coaching Workshop participant

“Lynne is very skilled at talking things through. She helped me to unpick the strands of my messy mind with sensitivity and respect.” Coaching client

“It was great to see the transformation of concepts, to see that I can change things”, Creative Coaching Workshop participant

It’s taken my head away from my keyboard into something tangible, Creative Coaching Workshop participant

“Thank you for a great first session this week. There is a new spring in my step!” New Coaching client, after session #1 Bridge Package

“I appreciated Lynne’s calm, relaxed approach; this helped to slow me down and to consider some constructive ideas to help overcome my issues of time management and organisation. Lynne has a very down to earth, patient approach to her coaching and listens brilliantly.

She also asks simple, effective questions which promote deep thinking which I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own.

I would highly recommend Lynne to anyone who is feeling stuck with an issue and needs calming, insightful encouragement to make a change.” Nina Nichol, Higher Education Learning Mentor

“My session with Lynne was great! I felt at ease throughout and she helped me to pinpoint the areas of my business that I wanted to focus on, and gave me help and direction on how I wanted to achieve them.” Cassie, Focus Coaching client

“I really can’t recommend Lynne Taylor enough!

When I began coaching with Lynne I was lacking self-esteem and self-confidence around work. I was also overwhelmed by what the next step in employment would be for me. By the end of our sessions I was back to being confident in my existing skills and knowledge and ready to learn and develop new skills.

If you’re at a crossroads with any aspect of your life, get in touch with Lynne. She’s an awesome life coach and more importantly an awesome person. “

Sam Bennett, Life Coaching Client

“I’ve gone from confusion to control, even when the wheels are still spinning.” Focus Coaching Client

“Lynne provided space for me to make a decision on the next step in my career.

By allowing me to run through the options I was considering, asking insightful questions and providing feedback, Lynne empowered me to reach my own conclusion confidently.

If you are at a crossroads in your career, or just need some guidance on where you’d like to go next, I highly recommend working with Lynne.” Bente Klein, Project Manager Renewable Energy

“Looking forward to starting coaching with you. Just the pre coaching questionnaire has got me thinking differently!” Explore Coaching Client

“I have gained a great deal from my coaching sessions with Lynne and have been able to take action on a number of things which were holding me back from moving forward with my business.

I have gained a great deal from my coaching sessions with Lynne and have been able to take action on a number of things which were holding me back from moving forward with my business.” Emma Cottam, Life Coaching Client

“Lynne is a great listener and very good at building rapport and trust. She helped me define my goals and make a doable plan for moving forward. Whilst my long term goal has not yet been realised I feel confident about the next steps.” Kate Bee, Life Coaching Client

“It was very well spent time as I learned really important snippets of information and above all the fact that I shouldn’t be worried about being perfect, my biggest problem! ” Conquer your Brain Fog Workshop participant

“I value enormously your down to earth and realistic approach plus sharing of your own experiences really helps me connect with yourself. ” Conquer your Brain Fog Workshop participant

“I certainly will be joining you again Lynne! You are such a compassionate human” Conquer your Brain Fog Workshop participant

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