Hi, I’m Lynne Taylor
Life, Well-being & Mindset Coaching
⭐ I help ambitious women to navigate midlife and take control and thrive through 1-2-1 Coaching
Online, in-person and outdoor coaching
Go from brain fog, confused and overwhelmed to clarity and regaining control. Empower yourself with a 3 month deep dive into the Explore package
Need to make a tricky decision or immerse yourself in one key issue? The Focus 60 minute coaching session is for you.
Lynne Taylor Life Coaching Mindset Coaching

Client Testimonial

“Lynne provided space for me to make a decision on the next step in my career.

By allowing me to run through the options I was considering, asking insightful questions and providing feedback, Lynne empowered me to reach my own conclusion confidently.

If you are at a crossroads in your career, or just need some guidance on where you’d like to go next, I highly recommend working with Lynne.”

Bente Klein, Project Manager Renewable Energy

In the coaching relationship you and your needs are the only thing that matters. Coaching isn’t something that’s ‘done’ to you, that would be teaching or mentoring. Through coaching your passion is reignited, you learn about yourself and focus on what’s important for you. You are the centre of the universe in a coaching session with Lynne, nothing else exists.

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Client Testimonial

“I have gained a great deal from my coaching sessions with Lynne and have been able to take action on a number of things which were holding me back from moving forward with my business.”

Emma Cottam, Life Coaching Client

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