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shape your life, YOUR WAY

Unlock peace and ignite joy in your life with a coach who lives in the slow lane and truly understands introverts

Do you feel awkward attempting small talk?

Do social situations leave you drained, craving time alone to recharge?

For far too many years you’ve believed you are shy or inept at conversation. STOP: these stories aren’t your truth.

You see, I was once that woman too, until I discovered a whole new way of life that looks and feels more ‘me’.

Now, as your coach, I’m here to help you transform your life into something truly amazing.

Do you wake up dreading the day ahead?

You try to fit in, but the non-stop rush and demands of life don’t sit well in your heart. You feel trapped. Your life feels like you are constantly pushing against a lump of clay that just won’t get centred on the wheel.

Do you long for a simpler, slower life?

Are your instincts reaching for more peace?

The leap of faith you need to take is hard, believe me, I’ve stood on that ledge and jumped. Watch the video of me talking about my leap of faith.

I can honestly say life has a beautiful way of catching you, and it is so worth it.

I really can’t recommend Lynne Taylor enough! When I began coaching with Lynne I was lacking self-esteem and self-confidence around work. I was also overwhelmed by what the next step in employment would be for me. By the end of our sessions I was back to being confident in my existing skills and knowledge and ready to learn and develop new skills.” Coaching Client Testimonial

If you’re nodding your head at these questions then you and me need to chat.

Together, we can reshape your narratives and discover the extraordinary strength that’s been within you all along.

Now is the time to sculpt your life into the best version you aspire to be.

With me as your guide, you will reclaim your truth, build your resilience and discover your potential.

About Lynne Taylor

My coaching style

My style of coaching is very intuitive with a calm, down to earth approach. As an introvert, my superpower is deep listening.

I have two mottos for life – “Live Your Best Life” and “Enjoy the Journey”. Both have significant meaning for me, and how I’ll work with you.

Living our best life is something I believe we all deserve. Life is too short to waste on a job you hate, or living in ways that don’t bring you happiness and joy daily. If you’re stuck because of stories you believe to be true, then that’s a perfect reason to come for coaching.

My breakthrough

Before I moved to the Peak District I lived in London. Weeks rolled by without anything joyful happening. The commute to my office job drained me. I was going through the motions and doing what was expected by staying in a well paid job. I’d arrive at my desk already wanting to be elsewhere. I felt trapped in city life. Learning a new skill in my spare time (sport massage) was the perfect antidote to the life I existed in. Seeing the good I could bring to others was the breakthrough to realising my life had to change significantly.

I wanted to help people, and enjoy what I was doing, and I had the way out. The simple story is, I quit my job, packed my bags and left the rat race behind (this was my leap of faith). I returned to where I felt at peace – in the countryside, immersed in nature with space to breathe. I welcomed the slower pace of life, being able to recharge in my own way and working to help improve other people’s lives.

My Values

Behind that simple explanation were many deep conversations, working out exactly what I wanted from life. Through my own coaching I’ve discovered the 5 core values that must be present in my life.

My values are integral to how I live on a daily basis, living with courage, respecting my need for space, trusting I bring about good change, and having an adventure along the way with lots of freedom. I have crafted a life that feels right and brings me joy through Courage, Respect, Trust, Adventure, Freedom.

My Beliefs

Enjoying the journey, leans into my belief that we are only guaranteed the moment we are in right now. Dreams, goals, wishes for our future are all helpful to keep us motivated – but we can only live in the present moment. To keep ourselves grounded in reality we must enjoy daily life, the little things along the way and find joy as we interact with our environment and others.

My gift for you

I can help you to find your ‘best life’ by gifting you the space to explore what you want from life.

Is there a big leap you want to take but are scared?

Are you looking for ways to bring joy to your daily life?

Finding joy isn’t always a 200 mile relocation and moving from a stable job to running your own business like I did.

💫 I’ll help you tune into your strengths and harness what’s important to you, for your journey through life.

💫 I’ll guide you to explore the stories you’ve told yourself over and over…and see if they are still valid for the life you want now.

💫 I’ll work with you to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back.

Together we will shape your life, your way

It’s my mission to empower you so you can enjoy your journey, and live your best life right now.

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