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“Thanks to Lynne, I had a truly enlightening experience.

Her program offered me an amazing way to untangle my muddled thoughts using my hands, resulting in a level of clarity I hadn’t thought possible.

I greatly appreciated the open and non-judgmental space she created, along with her gentle guidance.

I highly recommend this type of coaching to anyone, whether you consider yourself creative or not. It’s a transformative journey that’s worth every moment.”

Georgie St Clair

Have you ever considered thinking while using your hands?

It’s a truly unique way to delve into your inner thoughts, and the results can be enlightening.

🧊 The Magic of Clay:

Working with clay allows you to mold symbols and metaphors that mirror your thoughts, emotions, or struggles—often stemming from a realm of unconscious knowing. These tangible creations become powerful visual reflections of your inner world, offering valuable insights.

🖌 Unlock Your Potential:

In a recent creative coaching session I witnessed participants tapping into the magic of creativity. Armed with a lump of clay (or alternative materials), they contemplated big picture questions and used their hands to shape their thoughts and emotions into tangible forms. The options or path forward, which could have taken days or weeks to unveil, was molded within mere minutes.

🎯 Shape Your Life, Your Way:

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey where you get to play with clay and discover your inner wisdom? Find out how our creative coaching approach can help you uncover your true potential.

Join us and explore the endless possibilities of personal growth and self-discovery through the art of creative coaching. 

“The workshop with Lynne was a breath of fresh air. it was a very well-paced and fun session that empowered each participant to come up with their own answers.

It was quite eye-opening how easy I found it to express myself in a very tangible way with this process, without any of the pressure I can sometimes feel when asked to do other creative exercises on command.

I came away from the session with a really helpful new perspective of how to shift things in a more positive direction”


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“it was pleasantly uncomfortable, a process of discovery”

“so the opposite of journaling, no stress, I love the fact you can’t be a perfectionist with this process”

“it’s taken my head away from my keyboard into something tangible”

“it was great to see the transformation of concepts, to see that I can change things”

Lynne, I got so much out of this molding session with you. As someone who doesn’t have a visual imagination I felt like I could bring visuals to feelings in a way I can’t through meditation or guided visualization. It wasn’t about finding the right words or pen mark. It seemed to come together only at the point of contact with the clay. The tactile nature of the polymer clay I found to be a calming conduit as I considered your questions. Doing this in a group environment was a beautiful way to connect with others as well. Everyone was unique in their approach which was really insightful in its own right. You were such a kind guide. I would highly recommend this experience with you. “ Amanda

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