What is Coaching?

What is coaching?

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Create a life you love through coaching

Coaching gives you the time and space to explore, you.

From the one big decision you want to make, to working out what’s most important in your life – your purpose and your intrinsic core values.
Have a coaching conversation with me and learn what your key fundamental beliefs are, and how these guide your life.
Discover how to spark joy in your daily life and boost your confidence to make better decisions.
Our time on this spinning planet called Earth is brief and fragile but the depth of our lives can be deep and contented.
Coaching can help you to adopt better habits and thought patterns to bring you happiness. You’re also future proofing yourself by setting out your future to be bright, positive and happy. After all, in your midlife you are only half way…so let’s get you prepared to thrive and have a better second half.
Choose how your life is mapped out. Decide how you will travel through your 40s, 50s and beyond.

I offer three life coaching packages, if you’re not sure which package would suit you, book an informal free chat with me and we’ll work it out together.

Client Testimonial
“I really can’t recommend Lynne Taylor enough!

When I began coaching with Lynne I was lacking self-esteem and self-confidence around work. I was also overwhelmed by what the next step in employment would be for me.

By the end of our sessions I was back to being confident in my existing skills and knowledge and ready to learn and develop new skills.

If you’re at a crossroads with any aspect of your life, get in touch with Lynne. She’s an awesome life coach and more importantly an awesome person”
Sam Bennett, Life Coaching Client

Is coaching right for me?

There might be a nagging feeling life ‘just isn’t right,’ or you may be floating through life aimlessly, stuck in a rut.
We often live misaligned with our values but don’t realise it.
In the middle of our lives, when perimenopausal symptoms can feel all engulfing it’s easy to drift aimlessly.
Our sense of self gets lost, there’s more uncertainty around decisions when we used to be sure of ourselves.
We’re pulled in all directions and get lost in what’s expected of us.
But does that life spark joy for you?
Is that what you want?
Explore this underlying unhappiness and find out what makes you sing and dance around the room. Uncover what brings you joy and clarity.
Bring purpose and meaning to your life once more.
Regain your confidence and build the resilience to face change with courage.
These are all skills you can learn, empowering you to navigate midlife feeling strong.

How does life coaching work?

Coaching is goal and outcome orientated – we work together to define and achieve your goals, wake up happy and looking forward to your day and the week ahead.
Coaching is confidential and there is no judgement – life coaching gives you space to speak freely, you don’t need to moderate or edit what you say or think.
I am here to support you and I will also challenge you – uncover your inner resources to empower you to make decisions that are right for you.

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