Lynne is…

…patient and calm, understanding and supportive
…a gentle soul living a mindful and joyful midlife
…an introvert, outdoor enthusiast, runner, wild swimmer, cat lover
…fully embracing and thriving in perimenopause
Client Testimonial

“I appreciated Lynne’s calm, relaxed approach; this helped to slow me down and to consider some constructive ideas to help overcome my issues of time management and organisation.

Lynne has a very down to earth, patient approach to her coaching and listens brilliantly. She also asks simple, effective questions which promote deep thinking which I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own.

I would highly recommend Lynne to anyone who is feeling stuck with an issue and needs calming, insightful encouragement to make a change.”

Nina Nichol, Higher Education Learning Mentor

My Story

We’ve got to get out of this place, it’s killing us!!!,” I said to my partner one day.

It wasn’t an overnight revelation. Life had been slowly draining from us and it had been happening unnoticed over months and years. A slow trickle of numbness seeping in to mask the fact we didn’t really love our lives.

We quit our jobs and left the London rat race for the fresh air, green hills and moorlands of the Peak District. Since that day in 2011 we haven’t looked back. Fast-forward to today and we’re living a beautiful, content and joyous life. Commuting is a walk down a track to some fields where we regularly see deer, herons and pheasants.

I now don’t see work as something I have to do, because I enjoy everything I choose to do.

As you’d expect, I’m constantly reading, learning and expanding my knowledge. It comes as a shock to some, but I don’t have a TV, it’s a big black box sucking out your time. I prefer to be immersed in nature, taking a walk in the hills or sitting in the garden with a book. I also love wild swimming and am proud to have swum outside through the last three winters, breaking ice is more fun than you think!

So that’s me, my story and how I got here.
In the last few years I’ve been learning to embrace my midlife. I’m fully into the perimenopause phase and have been navigating the rollercoaster of emotions that symptoms bring, and the grief that comes with losing my sense of self – and the joy of taking control and reinventing myself. You can a read a little of My Menopause Journey here, and I offer a few simple tips to Confidently Facing Perimenopause: Embracing Change with Self-Assurance here.

My values are integral to how I live on a daily basis, living with courage, respecting my need for space, trusting I bring about good change, and having an adventure along the way with lots of freedom.

It’s my mission to support you on your journey, however that looks for you, and whatever way you wish to travel. I will help you make the change you crave, help you find your better midlife and fulfil your potential.
I believe that with the right mindset, you can confidently navigate midlife and this transitional period of your life. I’m passionate about helping women to regain confidence, prioritise well-being and thrive moving forwards in midlife. It’s my mission to empower you so you can enjoy your journey. 
Client Testimonial

“I felt energised, empowered and motivated following the coaching with Lynne. I would absolutely recommend Lynne as a coach to others. Lynne demonstrates absolute care in her coaching, she exhibits trust and is a careful guide.”

Sam Aston, Life Coaching Client

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