Embracing 50: A Year of 50 Unique Challenges and 5 Key Lessons

It was my 50th birthday at the end of August and in the 12 months prior to my birthday I took on some challenges…in fact it was 50 things before I turned 50.

What I want to talk about in this video is the things that I have learned about myself, things that are important points for me to keep in mind for my future and share with you my reflections on courage, stepping out of the fear zone and learning about my inner strength.

These are the 5 key learnings I’m taking from my year of 50 challenges:

1 – doing more things and having more adventures has motivated me to do even more
2 – confidence grows when you take action
3 – doing things you aren’t 100% sure you’ll succeed on raises the bar
4 – having a list has been great to prioritise what I really want to do
5 – it’s given me time to reflect and be grateful

Here’s all 50 things:

Try a new fruit: 02/09/22

Buy an item from a charity shop that you really like, but isn’t the sort of thing you normally wear 08/09/22

Art gallery/museum day 15/9/22 Manchester Art Gallery

Grow mushrooms started them off 02/09/22, eaten from 21/09/22

Martial Arts, 22/09/22

Knit scarf – 24/09/22

Outdoor cinema Bamford 28/09/22 -climbing films and pizza delivered to the van

Cycling Hill Climb event: Snake Pass 01/10/22 Official time: 26.51.8

Glass blowing 05/11/22

Try a new vegetable – scorzonera

Decorate a moorland Christmas tree – on Bleaklow in the snow 17/12/22

Get nails painted /manicure 29/12/22

Spa with friend 26/01/23

Sew a garment (trousers) 29/1/23

No Sugar January 31/1/23

Cycle to fetch cottage cheese 04/02/23 and again solo 04/04/23

Take someone wild swimming for their first time -in 5 degrees water! 12/02/23

Have a massage 02/03/23

Read 12 non-fiction books – last one finished 04/03/23

Play badminton /squash 08/03/23

Read 12 fiction books – last one finished 19/03/23

Falconry experience 21/3/23

Visit Yorkshire Sculpture Park 24/3/23

Flight simulator – flew F16, and crashed a few times 24/03/23

100 day accumulator burpees completed 06/04/23

Stand up paddle boarding 08/04/23

Squat bodyweight 23/3/23

Cycle Hadrian’s Wall 24-26/04/23

Cycle coast to coast 24-26/04/23

Bike tour 24-26/04/23

Solo bivi 01/05/23

Deadlift 1.5x body weight x 5 reps…90kg. 23/05/23

Cycle the Hope /Winnat’s Pass loop with Tim 27/5/23

Self created triathlon 29/5/23

Munro: Ben Lomond 02/06/23 plus bonus swim in Loch Lomond

Sew PJs using a pattern 05/06/23

Run a marathon/ultra 07/06/23

15 trigs challenge 07-08/06/23

Knit a jumper 11/06/23

Skinny dipping 17/06/23

Stand under a waterfall 19/6/23

Bounce Below experience 7/7 Canoe Pontcysyllte Aqueduct 7/7/23

Solo retreat – Robin Hoods Bay + sea dips 9-14/7/23

Ride an ebike 21/07/23

Bike tour with friends Scarborough-Whitby-York-home 28-30 July

Tadpole round 4/8/23

TGU 1/4 bodyweight 7/8/23

Sea kayaking 10/8/23

Pull ups x5 17/8/23

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