Lynne’s 24 in 24

What challenges lie ahead for us in 2024?

Some will come unexpectedly, but some are worth planning for. As we step into the new year, I’m excited to embark on a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and new experiences through 24 challenges.

I have planned 24 activities to do throughout the year that inspire me, a few that maybe invoke a little fear, some that will keep me active, and a few which encourage creativity.

Lynne’s 24 in 24

The completion of my 50 Things Before I turned 50 was incredibly motivating last year. It drove me into action, and is why I’ve chosen to do ’24 in 24′ this year. I want to keep up that momentum and continue to grow through doing more things. 

You can read about my Year of 50 Unique Challenges and 5 Key Lessons here

The simple act of writing down my activities and adventures has already sparked action for me. And this is exactly why I knew this challenge would 100% work because intentions spark actions…and that leads to adventures and growth.

Here’s my 24 in 24

Having written my list before the 1st January I was immediately motivated to get on with at least one thing. A bit of research later and I’d ordered myself a basic/beginners paper making kit and a kit to make a lampshade. I’ve also dug out my watercolours and been ‘messing’ around with paints.

My partner and I have now decided, after 13 years in business together, that we will actually take a whole month off work. This has been a long-held dream of ours, and now the reality is setting in. We’re researching and planning where we’ll go, things to do, and what kit to pack – it’s going to be a van-life trip with lots of outdoor time, perfect!

I’m also part-way through 30 days of Yoga and 30 days sugar-free. The commitment to getting on the yoga mat each day is really helping me stay focused with no-sugar. There’s plenty of will-power and determination, with a good dose of self-discipline in both so I’m pleased to be doing both in the same month.

Will you join me and achieve ’24 in 24′?

Your ‘things’ can range from trying a new hobby, exploring a different cuisine, 24 books to read, taking up a fitness challenge, or even committing to random acts of kindness. Anything you like!!

Taking part in this challenge will make memorable moments alongside personal growth. It’s a fantastic way to break out of our comfort zones and embrace the opportunities that we create.

Let’s kick off 2024 with a shared commitment to making it a year of inspiration and personal accomplishment! 

You don’t need to do this alone, here’s a tracker to download so you can keep track of your year long journey:

Need some help working out what to include in your 24? 

A one-hour FOCUS coaching session is an ideal investment to kickstart your 2024 into action. Read more about how this works here. If you’re ready to book in, email me now.  Often the hardest step to a new journey is the first one, once taken, you’ll wonder why you ever hesitated.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and sharing this exciting journey together.

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