Coaching Case Study – Jo’s Transformative Journey

Here’s a coaching case study showcasing Jo’s remarkable journey to finding her untapped potential.

Reflecting after our sessions proved invaluable to her, highlighting the benefits of coaching.

The biggest impact I have felt from investing in the coaching is the programme has brought out the best in me, given me perspective, freed me from my self doubt so that I can carve out my own path, in my own time.

This feedback demonstrates the transformative impact of coaching and provides insight into the process and outcomes.

I’m grateful for Jo’s feedback, it has been a privilege to work with her and see the transformation she has brought about in her life.

Case Study: Life & Mindset Coaching

Jo Chambers-Shirley is a Mother and Special Educational Needs & Disability Specialist who came for a 3 month coaching programme. The words below are Jo’s own unless in italics or a question and produced with permission.

Before Jo started her coaching

What made me want to work with Lynne – I felt lost in the rushing rapids of daily life and my mind also felt like these rushing rapids. I knew I needed to make some big changes, but I was overwhelmed and could not think straight enough to see a route through.

The challenge I was facing before I started working with Lynne was I had “fallen” from a successful career into motherhood and crashed into the Pandemic with a baby and a toddler and came out a nervous wreck. I felt I had lost not only my career, but becoming a mother had taken away my individual personality. I felt I had nothing to contribute.

This made me feel like a failure. Useless. At the bottom of a pit that I did not have the energy to haul myself out of.

Before I started coaching my life was stressful and a lot of the time life was monotonous. I was living life in black and white.

Jo’s desired outcomes from the coaching

The goals for me to achieve through the coaching journey were

1. Decide if I want to go back into teaching (before having children I had been a headteacher)

2. Explore 4 ideas which could become “side gigs” (Language and Literacy Resources / SEND
consultancy home and/or school / tutoring / Educational Psychology)

3. Rebuild my confidence

I wanted to be successful and I wanted to feel on top of the game. I wanted to have a career and a job which challenged me intellectually.

Jo’s Journey through coaching

The experience of having coaching with Lynne was eye-opening, challenging, inspiring and fun.

The biggest impact I had from working with Lynne is changing my mindset so that I now have the confidence to create my own path through life.

I now feel inspired, empowered, excited and motivated.

In addition, Lynne guiding me to find lots of amazing little tools which I use day to day to help me make decisions, prioritise, complete tasks. So although little, these new tools help make all the difference, in all areas of my life, including in my all relationships.

Through coaching with Lynne I have experienced a supportive journey from anxiety, fear and an often overwhelming sense of failure to a new way of life, exploring, full of fun, adventure and colour on a new path which brings out the best in me and those around me.

In our coaching sessions we used a variety of modalities from talking, drawing, creating mind-maps, using picture cards and various activities such as the Wheel of Life.

I have loved using different modalities. It has helped me tune into own values and motivators, which I had never consciously done before. I found talking with Lynne an empowering process.

Lynne is very skilled at talking things through. She helped me to unpick the strands of my messy mind with sensitivity and respect. And we also found humour in it all, which is very important to me. Using mind maps and picture cards helped me get straight to the heart of my key issues and it has helped me visualise and plan my next steps, which before were nebulous.

What specific results have you achieved?

I would like to answer this again in 2-3 months time, but for now…

1. Out of the nebula, an exciting plan for my next steps.

2. Renewed confidence in my abilities.

3. Hugely improved planning, prioritising and task completion skills. I get stuff done!

4. Improved relationships with pretty much everyone in my life! I had no idea coaching would have any impact on my relationships. What an amazing bonus. Life changing.

Reflections at the end of the coaching programme

What stood out for me, working with Lynne is her ability to tailor the process to my personal journey and that we never seemed to be rushing but we covered an incredible amount in 6 sessions.

This made me feel valued and excited for the future, for the first time in a long time.

Now that we are at the end of the coaching programme I am more confident, more contented, enjoying a more colourful life and motivated to take the next steps on an exciting journey.

I have achieved a lot in a short space of time! A change in mindset and priorities. A positive approach to life. Balance. Fun. The possibility of reaching my potential both as a mother and in my career.

I am now more confident. Calmer. Wiser. More interesting.

I now have a dream to aim for! Clear goals that are matched to my skills and experience.

The biggest impact I have felt from investing in the coaching is the programme has brought out the best in me, given me perspective, freed me from my self doubt so that I can carve out my own path, in my own time.

The Future

Looking forward I can see a balanced, contented, interesting life and this puts a smile on my face.

I am enough, just as I am today. It will all happen in good time and I will have fun along the way.

Who knows where I’ll be, but now I am going to have the best time along the way! I couldn’t wish for anything more!

Would you recommend working with Lynne?

Absolutely yes. If, like me, your head is spinning so much you can’t find a way forward, Lynne will support, guide and empower you to discover your own new path with that old spring back in your step. Lynne will help you to believe in yourself again.

Lynne gets FIVE STARS from me. I had no idea of my own untapped potential. What an amazing thing to be able to help people find themselves and change their lives.

Encouraged to take your first steps in tapping into your potential? I’d love to chat about this with you so please get in touch.

Adopting better habits and thought patterns can help us accomplish far more than we feel is possible. Coaching conversations are an opportunity to learn about yourself and your experiences. You have the space and time to explore what keeps you stuck, unfulfilled and not living aligned to your values. If this sounds like something you’d like to look into take a look at the Services I offer or get in touch to arrange an initial free and informal chat.

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