Coaching Case Study – Sarah’s testimonial

Meet Sarah, who came to me seeking guidance in achieving her career goals while being in the midst of menopause.

When Sarah first approached me, she was feeling stuck and uncertain about her role and how she was interacting in meetings.

Through our coaching partnership, she gained valuable insights and developed her confidence to grow further.

Hear all about Sarah’s journey in her own words:

Before Sarah started her coaching

“I was drawn to Lynne’s experience of having lived the menopause. The challenge I was facing before I started working with Lynne was I often lose my train of thought during meetings when speaking.”

“This often left me feeling stupid and I felt that others would think so too. Before I started coaching my life was sometimes clouded with anxieties about meetings at work.”

Sarah’s goals from the coaching

“I was really unsure before starting my coaching journey with Lynne, I thought coaching was not for me and couldn’t see any value in it. “

“I wanted to feel like the time spent on this journey was valuable to me, to help me deliver my role and feel like I am valued and what I have to say is important.”

“I wanted to be more confident.”

“I wanted to feel less uncomfortable when I knew I would have to speak.”

“I wanted to have confidence in myself that I can speak and that it is ok to lose my train of thought when it happens and how to manage that without feeling stupid.”

Sarah’s Journey through coaching

“Having coaching with Lynne – initially it felt strange (in a good way) that it felt so natural and comfortable to have those conversations and to talk about how I can achieve my desired outcome.”

“Each session was great, they flew by with lots of good thought provoking questions and dialogue and the 2 weeks between each session went very quickly too.”

“Through coaching with Lynne I have experienced unpicking emotions and thoughts / feelings and clarity.”

“The biggest impact I had from working with Lynne is regained self confidence and a level of comfort being a person in the room with menopause symptoms.”

What specific results have you achieved?

“Specific results I have you achieved:

1.      Feedback from peers that they have ‘seen’ a difference in me,

2.      Feeling and being present during meetings,

3.      Feedback from colleagues has given me an action that will improve my relationships at work.”

Reflections at the end of the coaching programme

“What stood out for me, working with Lynne, is it quickly became a session that I was looking forward to attending. This made me feel empowered, to an extent in control of myself and how I can appear in meetings (ie not stupid!).”

“Now we are at the end of the coaching programme I am satisfied that the time invested and the money has been a very valuable use of both.”

“I have achieved self confidence, positivity and a confidence in using my voice during meetings.”

“I am now happy!”

“I am now planning in regular time to reflect and learn to help me grow further.”

“I now have a clearer vision on how I will develop this as part of my daily work.”

“The biggest impact I have felt from investing in the coaching programme is, to sum it up – Self confidence, empowered, positivity, clearer vision, planning, satisfied, grow further.”

The Future

“Looking forward I can see growth. I am open and ready to be challenged to grow further.”

“I will be confident and comfortable with what happens.”

“I am now going to ask for regular feedback from colleagues to allow me to pick up on any areas for potential growth and relationship building.”

Final thoughts

“Just to say thank you for your time and your thought provoking questions / prompts / conversations.”

Would you recommend working with Lynne?

“Absolutely yes.”

Sarah’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of coaching. If you’re ready to embark on your own path to growth, confidence, and positive change, I invite you to take the next step. Don’t let uncertainty or self-doubt hold you back any longer. Imagine the possibilities that await you as you navigate life’s challenges with renewed self-assurance and clarity.

Are you ready to:

  • Gain self-confidence that radiates in every aspect of your life?
  • Navigate transitions like menopause with grace and resilience?
  • Develop the skills to excel in meetings and conversations?

If your answer is yes, I’m here to help you. Just like Sarah, you deserve to feel valued, empowered, and capable of achieving your goals. Contact me today to start your own coaching journey and experience the positive impact it can have on your life.

Together, we’ll work towards building the future you envision—one filled with confidence, growth, and success. Reach out to me at to schedule your first session. Let’s make your transformational journey begin now.

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Lynne Taylor, Coach, works with ambitious women helping them to navigate midlife and take control and thrive through 1-2-1 Mindset and Wellbeing Coaching. Lynne works with individuals on a 1:1 basis online, in person and through coaching in the outdoor environment.

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