A Triumph in the Making: 4 Weeks to 50 and 4 Challenges to Conquer

Picture this: I’m just 4 weeks away from hitting the big 5-0, and I’m on the brink of completing an extraordinary journey that’s been 11 months in the making.

Throughout this year, I’ve taken on a series of challenges – some small, some massive – both testing my mental fortitude and pushing my physical limits.

If you’ve been following my blog, you might have already stumbled upon some of the thrilling stories of my exploits (links to three of my favorite posts below).

But let me tell you, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Some of these challenges required meticulous planning and a determined effort, but they were worth every second. Then there were those grand endeavours that demanded relentless training, strategic planning, and an unwavering resolve even to consider embarking on them.

Now, with the countdown to my deadline at 4 weeks, I stand at a pivotal moment. Out of the 50 audacious things I set out to conquer, I’ve accomplished an impressive 46. I feel a great deal of pride for how much I’ve achieved over this 11 months. The taste of triumph is so close I can almost savor it, but those last four challenges loom like elusive specters, teasing me to go further and dig deeper.

Whitby Harbour East Lighthouse

So, will I rise to the occasion and conquer the final four feats? Will I cross the finish line of this epic journey with arms raised high in triumph?

With just four weeks remaining until my 50th birthday, I find myself with four challenges that are standing between me and the triumphant conclusion of my year-long journey. This list of 50 things was never about ticking them all off….but in a way it is. I really do want to get them all done before I’m 50!!! Together, let’s delve into the heart of these challenges and discover why they’ve been left to the last 4 weeks

But first, what are the the four remaining challenges?

  • The Tadpole Round
  • Kayak in the sea
  • 5 Turkish Get ups at 1/4 bodyweight (15kg)
  • 5 consecutive pull ups

I’ve got the Tadpole Round and sea kayak pencilled in the diary. Doing those are mentally challenging mostly, but also weather dependent. I’d left them until the summer thinking the weather would be more settled and perhaps even a little like ‘summer’ is how you want it to be. We’ll see how that plan goes!!

The Tadpole Round

This will be a test for me, pushing me out of the comfort zone, into the unknown. It involves a swim, then a run, another swim and a final run. I’ve never done anything like this. The closest thing was my self-done triathlon, but that only involved one swim and one run. I’ve no idea how I’ll feel having to get in the water again after running or indeed the second run after swimming nearly 1km  – that’s a big distance for me. The weather will play a part in when I do this one, I’m ok with some rain but if it’s too windy I’ll not welcome swimming in choppy water.

The sea kayak

An activity that’s going to test me emotionally. I know I can kayak, but I’m not happy in small vessels on the sea. The feeling of being out of control, at the mercy of the waves doesn’t put me in a naturally happy place. Anxiety swells up, I get tense which doesn’t help…so I’ll be channelling my inner strength and quieting the negative mental chatter so I can really enjoy this experience.

Perhaps I needed to include viewing wildlife as I kayaked, that would have been a good distraction. There may still be time to include this! And as I mentioned above for the Tadpole Round, I won’t be hopping into a kayak in poor weather.

5 Turkish Get Ups

TGU’s with 15kg of weight is a very physical challenge. I’ve been very sporadic in my training for this one. What I have learnt over this 12 months is that I really needed to set a much earlier target date for this one. I also needed to focus on the training over a shorter defined period of time. I have worked on these, but not consistently at heavy weights.  I can currently lift 12kg in a TGU, that additional 3kg is still making it nigh on impossible.

5 consecutive pull ups

The hardest of all of these final 4 challenges is definitely the 5 consecutive pull ups. To do more than 1 pull up for me is very hard, and I knew this ages ago. Like the TGUs, training has been sporadic. I’ve built up to 3 in a row once, and then got distracted. I’d be focussing one of the other big challenges so this was left on the sidelines.  Since 17 July I’ve been really focused on doing the work for this one.

The first week I did 5 single pull ups, with as much rest as needed in between – sometimes a few hours. I just had to do 5 in a day. The following week I set a timer for only 2 minutes rest between each single lift. Monday’s set was hard. Tuesday did feel a little easier. This week I’m aiming for 2 pull ups together and towards the end of the week I’ll be adding in eccentric lowers after the pair. This challenge is going to need effort and heaps of dedication.

Crows Nest, part of the Whitby Sculpture Trail, by Emma Stothard

In these last four weeks before my birthday, I do stand ready to face the final four challenges with sound resolve and a newfound sense of purpose.  It’s helped writing this blog as it’s given me time to reflect on how far I’ve come, and to realise that I do still have time to get the work done and achieve all 50 challenges. I just need to keep working on them.

I know that the experiences and growth from the past year have prepared me for this defining moment. With each obstacle, I will embrace the opportunity to push beyond my limits, conquering fears and doubts along the way. As I reach for those last victories, I’ll remind myself that age is just a number, and the true measure of life lies in the pursuit of passion and self-discovery.  That’s why I use the hashtags #enjoythejourney and #liveyourbestlife all the time!

So, with arms open wide to embrace whatever comes my way, I eagerly step into this exhilarating chapter, confident that I will emerge triumphant. The adventure continues, and I invite you all to witness the grand finale (keep an eye on instagram and linkedin for updates), as we celebrate not just the completion of 50 challenges but the spirit of resilience and possibility that knows no bounds. Together, let’s savor the sweet taste of achievement and embark on countless more journeys, knowing that the best is yet to come!

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Dalby Forest

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I’d love to hear if you’ve set any challenges for yourself this year – are they ones you know you’ll accomplish, or like me, is there something you’re going to start and not know if you’ll finished? Leave a comment below.

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