I remember how it feels to dread Monday morning. You’re still in the weekend, trying to relax and you’re already apprehensive at the thought of being stuck in an office or doing a job that doesn’t bring you joy for the next five days. That’s on top of facing the hideous commute on overpacked trains, tubes or buses.

Days blur together, you’re on a treadmill with the same things rolling past you mindlessly.

You numb out time and self-medicate by binge watching TV series’, or shopping on your lunch break for things you don’t want or really need.

The vicious cycle of numbing spirals; you believe you need to earn more because you’re spending more, buying things you believe will bring you happiness, collecting subscriptions that were the shiny new thing for 5 minutes but are now long forgotten (when was the last time you audited your outgoings?).

I get how it feels to think life is going OK, not knowing there could be something much better waiting to be found. You’re unknowingly lost.

Life can be simple and joyous if you give yourself permission to ‘be’ more and ‘do’ less.

It’s when you find stillness and space, such as on holiday, you realise there must be more to life. You know those times, when you’re totally relaxed away from ‘normal’ life and away from work, you wonder why life isn’t always like that?

That’s exactly how I was. Always anticipating the next holiday before the one I was on had finished. Regardless of whether I was home or away, I was never fully present in the moment. At the time, I didn’t realise this wasn’t how life had to be. It took me a while to find my magic and reach contentment. I wish I knew 20 years ago that there really is a good life to live.

Life coaching conversations can help you make the change you crave, help you fulfil your potential and live your own really good life. Through honest conversations your deepest desires are heard and explored. You can uncover the reality that you know deep down you deserve. You don’t need to stay stuck in the rush.

When you were asked as a child what you wanted to be when you grow up, was hard to know? Or were you absolutely sure of your destiny and are now living that reality? Is it still what you actually want? Does your current reality live up to those wild and audacious dreams your seven year old self wanted?

The rat race lifestyle isn’t sustainable for many people. Especially if you’re an introvert like me. Being unfulfilled, living life to satisfy other peoples expectations and just going through the motions day after day is soul destroying. Burnout is common, and frighteningly so often not acknowledged until a point where we snap or hit crisis.  Our mental health matters long before crisis point.

When you stop, perhaps over the festive break we’re fast approaching, take some time,  and really consider how your life is progressing…are you excited and happy about where you are? Or are you itching to escape the cocoon and fly off to a new life?

If, like I was, you are at a point of knowing things aren’t right, but not yet sure where to go, don’t panic. I know that stepping away from the safety of a well paid job is an incredibly scary prospect. Which is why I’d never advise anyone to jump ship without undertaking careful thought and planning. Having a plan in place is good for so many reasons. Knowing you have good support in your corner is also vital.

Whatever point you’re at, please realised that you don’t have to always be chasing societal success or stay trapped in unhappiness. You can live your life in any way you please. My life now is incredibly simple. The pleasure and the joy I have from my days is beyond what could ever have been possible in my previous life trapped in the London rat race.

Your life is yours to do as you please, to ensure it’s filled with enjoyment, brings you joy and you are excited to start each day as you go to work.

Life coaching conversations can help you adopt better habits and thought patterns. You have the space and time to explore what keeps you stuck, unfulfilled and not living aligned to your values. If this sounds like something you’d like to look into take a look at the Services I offer or get in touch to arrange an initial free and informal chat.

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