What is Coaching?

Coaching is a conversation where you are learning about yourself, where you are being helped to explore and develop, and where you are stepping up courageously to take bold action, safe in the knowledge that I’ll be there to look after you.

Being coached can lead to magical and positive transformations in how you think about your life, how you behave around other people and what you believe to be true.

  • Coaching is time and space just for you.
  • Coaching is goal and outcome orientated (but it’s ok not to have a big audacious goal to bring)
  • Coaching helps you define and achieve your goals.
  • Coaching is a confidential conversation.
  • Coaching gives you space to speak freely (it’s a non-judgemental relationship).
  • It’s not like chats you have when you’re with your friends.

As your coach I will always:

  • listen respectfully
  • ask powerful questions
  • be challenging
  • be supportive
  • be your guide

Through coaching you can learn how to overcome things such as:

  • What keep you stuck in a rut (eg. fear of letting others down)
  • What prevents you from taking action (eg. procrastination)

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