What can Coaching help me with?

Coaching is for anyone who wishes to work through a particular issue, has a problem to solve, or perhaps just has a feeling that something isn’t right in your life. There are no barriers to who coaching is suitable for.

Examples where coaching can help:

  • You’re stuck in a rut with your job
  • You need to make a decision about something but can’t think clearly
  • Your core values are not taking priority and You don’t know what to do first
  • You don’t know what your core values are but are curious
  • You want to develop you sense of self
  • You want to learn about true inner self
  • You have no one you can discuss an issue with confidentially
  • You would like to explore something (e.g. business idea, relocation, changing jobs) without judgement or opinions being forced on you

Your decisions could be big or small, such as:

  • decising whether to take an overnight trip to the city on your own
  • changing jobs
  • trying to work out if your current job is your passion
  • you still don’t know what your passion is but know where you are isn’t the right place
  • how to cope with challenging family situations

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