How Does Life Coaching Work?

Here’s a quick overview of the practical steps involved in the coaching process, so that you have an understanding what happens when you engage in coaching with me.

You’re probably here because you are curious about the practical steps to take as you start your journey into being coached by me.

You’ve most likely had a good look around my website, perhaps connected with me on LinkedIn or Instagram and you might feel like you’ve got to know me a little.

You’re still curious, perhaps you have some specific questions or want to speak to me and learn for yourself whether I’m the type of coach you would like to have guide you. You’ll find out I’m just a regular person and not scary I promise!

I encourage you to arrange an initial informal (and free) chat with me to ask your questions. On this call we can explore your challenges and find out what you would like to achieve, and we can talk about how coaching with me will help support you reach your goals.

Coaching is a collaborative partnership, so I’ll also be getting a feel for how we’ll work together. If we believe we’ll work well together (there’s a ‘good fit’), then we’ll discuss how the relationship will work and how we’ll progress going forwards.

It’s really important that we have a good relationship and get on well. We’re going to be spending quality time together, so it’s vital we get a sense that we’re happy being open and honest in what we discuss. This builds trust, which enables you to really do the deep work necessary to achieve your goals.

Being coached does involve you being vulnerable to some level, and I know this can bring up fears – I’ve had my own coaching so know exactly how it feels. I assure you I am here to support you and will never ask you to reveal or do anything which makes you uncomfortable. You are always in control of where our conversations go.

Once we’ve agreed to work together we’ll arrange a series of sessions on days and at times that work for both of us.

In between your coaching sessions I’m available by email for support if you need help in that way or have any questions you need answering before we meet next.

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