Find your Magic NOW: Let Go of the Past

Speaking from personal experience I have grown far beyond where I thought I could by changing my mindset.

I’ve achieved this by focusing on the present and looking towards the future rather than ruminating on the past.

I also make a conscious effort to practice gratitude and self-compassion, which has helped me cultivate a more optimistic outlook on life.

When I have coaching conversations with others and their words are constantly on the past, it’s a sign that they aren’t living in the NOW.

When you think about it, what control do you have over the past?

There is none. Harsh as that sounds.

We cannot change what has been. Only what you think about it.

We can choose to learn from the past and change how we act or think for the present. The lessons of the past can guide us towards a better, brighter and more positive future.

Focusing only on the past actually means you don’t value your time  – you are neglecting the present and the future. That doesn’t seem like a great way to live does it?

Dwelling on past mistakes, regrets, and failures, and allowing them to define one’s current life situation and future possibilities is a waste of your finite energy.

My focus is to flip the switch in your mind:

The Past = guidance on what works and what doesn’t; lessons from your actions (not failures)

The Present = where you are, right now. This is the only point in time that you can change your actions and behaviour. This is the moment in time that you make choices which determine your future. It’s here you can reflect purposefully on what you’ve already done, and use those considered thoughts to shape where you’ll go next.

The Future = it’s what will come, based on your actions today.

So where do you want to live?

Need help flipping the switch in your thinking? Want to go from ‘meh’ all the time, mulling over what has been….and step into the magic of full focus on the now?  Get in touch to start your journey to a life full of magic in the present moment.

Are you a thinker in the past, present or future? I’d love to hear where your focus is. Please add a comment below to share your thoughts.

Adopting better habits and thought patterns can help us accomplish far more than we feel is possible. Coaching conversations are an opportunity to learn about yourself and your experiences. You have the space and time to explore what keeps you stuck, unfulfilled and not living aligned to your values. If this sounds like something you’d like to look into take a look at the Services I offer or get in touch to arrange an initial free and informal chat.

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Lynne Taylor, Coach, works with ambitious women helping them to navigate midlife and take control and thrive through 1-2-1 Mindset and Wellbeing Coaching. Lynne works with individuals on a 1:1 basis online, in person and through coaching in the outdoor environment.

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