80 Days

What would you like to achieve in the next 80 days?

As I write there are exactly 80 days left in 2022. A bit of a random number, but in terms of setting goals, working out the steps to take and achieving, it’s a decent amount of time.

Let’s take a look at what you could do with small actions each day in the next 80 days:

  • 6 minutes meditation x 80 days = 480 minutes or 8hrs meditation
  • 12 minutes visualising your dream job = 16hrs of visualisation
  • 1 mile walking x 80 days = 80 miles walked
  • 500 words x 80 days = 40,000 words, or a whole book written
  • 30 minutes job searching = 40hrs looking for your ideal role
  • 30 minutes learning a new skill x 80 days = 40hrs of learning

What will you need to achieve just one of these things? Determination, will power, persistence, and most of all, consistency. Showing up day in, day out to do the work. These traits are exactly the sort of issues we can explore in coaching conversations.

If you’d like to step up and be in this challenge right now, I suggest you plan for what might get in the way of your daily commitment. Because we all know there will be days when something else feels more important and we get derailed. We can’t pretend life will be smooth and free of problems. It never is.

Using the “If THIS then THAT” equation you can prepare for setbacks, and be more likely to have the resilience to firstly deal with the setback, and secondly, get right back on with the one thing you want to achieve.

Here’s an example of “If THIS then THAT”. The premise is that “If <something> happens, then <I’ll do this>”. So, ‘If I wake up and don’t feel like I’ve the energy to write my 500 words today, then I’ll take a mindful walk and remind myself why I started this daily practice”.

The idea is we’re anticipating challenges, and preparing how we’ll deal with them when they inevitably do happen.

Embracing this reality can take work, which can be daunting to try and unpack on your own. Life coaching conversations can help you adopt better habits and thought patterns. You have the space and time to explore what keeps you stuck, unfulfilled and not living aligned to your values. If this sounds like something you’d like to look into take a look at the Services I offer or get in touch to arrange an initial free and informal chat.

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